« Tractor JOHN DEERE 2850 – an 1992 – 11.900 Euro

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  8. Love your take on the challenge. The stitching, the neat journaling along the leaf lines, and the cute circles that you made from word art… creative!! A super CSI layout, love the sweet photos! Thanks for more great inspiration for my layouts!

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  18. I think this cover is lovely, and has a very fresh, different look to it – and I'm not saying that just because you were nice about my book! Commiserations with your Blogger problems. Posting blogs always seems to take much longer than it really should.

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  42. Tam,Doesn't Roberta have a Savage or two? I would have liked to see you shoot it alongside the others and right up the comparison. I could be persuaded to loan my Savage and my Remington for such a project. Obviously you wouldn't need to borrow a Colt, since you have an abundance 🙂

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