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  3. So what’s gone wrong in my local version of the game, call it Zimbaweopolis, where both CIG and the players seemed to be stuffed with money, but the players are looking distinctly peaky?

  4. Beautiful :). I have many Max's in my class, they are a little older and instead of swings and bugs they've taught me how to play downball. It's the 'Max's' of the world which make it the most enjoyable of a place to be 🙂

  5. I was enjoying image after image and then I saw the puppy and I gasped out loud. Such sweetness. I am so in love with the images you’ve shared here; I wish that I lived closer and you could capture me + puppy.

  6. I like that analogy, Cathy. Obama’s the new step-father. When he was dating Mom, he seemed really cool but, now that they’re hitched, he still makes me eat my veggies and didn’t increase my allowance. Rats.

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  10. Thank you for reaching out. Absolutely interested in including Portugal. I wrote about the PlanIT project in Portugal not too long ago. Thanks for expressing interest. The idea is in its infancy so just now starting to get ideas and speak to people about the possibilities for the IberoAmerican Network of Smart Cities.

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  12. I know what you mean Larry. These are the folks that will not negotiate. They aren’t interested in sharing ideas. They want to impose their ideas on the rest of us, upon the pain of death. The left is concerned with the accumulation of power. We believe in, for the most part, classical liberalism. Those two philosophies are diametrically opposed, and completely incompatible. That’s why bipartisanship is impossible.As for the racism, I still follow the axiom, “the left will ALWAYS accuse the right of what they themselves are doing.”

  13. there is no way of knowing, but since they are making them by the thousands now, none of the new ones will be close to the value off the “vintage ones” from the ’50′s and early ’60′s

  14. “A non-violent event just became tragically violent.”seems an unfair comparison.there is a HUGE difference between being at home and drinking, smoking, snorting, swallowing, injecting, etc and sitting on your couch with friends…and getting behind the wheel of a car.

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  17. Excellent post. And if what you say proves to be correct, it will be the fat cat guys in the top 1% of wealthy getting all the money while the rest of us never see any of it, of course.

  18. wat zag je er leuk uit!Alleen is die blouse nou van de mango of van de veromoda? want eerst gaat het over dat je je vero moda blouse voor de verandering een keer in je broek had gedaan en in het rijtje staat dat hij van de mango is? XXX

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  27. 6 aprile, 2009 alle 01:51:17nuuuuuuuuuuu ma io non ho il microonde *qui a roma* …. vabbè il burro lo sciolgo sul fornellonuuuuuuuuuuuuu ma io non ho lo sbattitore elettrico …. vabbè userò una specie di sbattitore che abbiamo in casa!!nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ma io non ho la teglia con la cerniera ….. vabbè userò quelle che honuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mi mancano tutti gli ingredienti *eeeh non facciamo da un pò la spesa XD* …….. domani li compronuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ……. naa ho finito ermi= O__O

  28. Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

  29. I like my mages buff and my fighters lithe. Probably a portion of that is my rebellious streak against tropes/stereotypes of what a class *should* be. The other is, hey, my mage may spend hours studying books, but s/he also can run around the library and do some arm curls with those heavy staves s/he carries.

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  36. Love your writing! It’s been many many years since I visited Alaska, but I can still recall the majestic beauty! Glad you got to experience it!

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  38. More Gobledygook… I don't think there's a single politician out there that doesn't say they're FOR "transparency and responsibility". blah blah blah.

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  40. Ciindy, many thanks for referencing Stephen's photo — what a surprise!. We are so proud (and especially because we had nothing to do with it — we didn't even know he was doing it until he won). 

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  45. LOL – sometimes I do – this post made me feel guilty but it’s because I know what I ought to be doing. Times of stress or huge upheaval always seems to impact on routine and diet, doesn’t it? I’m pretty healthy and respectful of my body but I know I can do better. Thanks again for sharing

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  55. It’s easy to get … It’s easy to get burned through eBay, so I would recommend only purchasing from buyers with good feedback, and if a deal looks too good, it probably is (ie- a genuine Coach NWT for $39? Must be a fake.) I’ve completed nearly 1,000 transactions on eBay, and I’ve only been burned once- thankfully I was able to recoup my money from Paypal. Finally, if you do purchase through eBay, ALWAYS use a credit card (not your bank account) so you can file a chargeback if the item isn’t as described.

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  68. Thats exactly what I said. It is basically breathing pepper spray on purpose because it hurts so bad it distracts from other pain. Really that is ridiculous, hence why I suggested the man who proposed it be removed of his medical license.Although they should try putting a pain killer into a nasal spray, to get it into the blood stream faster. Because as cluster-suffers know, the earlier you can abort a cluster headache the better a chance you have at actually knocking it out.

  69. Steve,My Congressman and one of my Senators are in the bag for Obama. They have shown utter disdain for their constiuents. It does seem that no one is listening but I suspect that the currents under the surface are more active than we know. My biggest concern is that folks will get tired of the fight. That is what Community Organizers do; they wear down their oponents.Thanks,Ken

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  74. Do you read a lot? I used to read all the time, but since having Sugar…and getting addicted to the Internet, I don’t read books anymore. I miss them, but can’t seem to get back to them.I soooooooo want Sugar to be a reader like your bug.

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  84. Cool! I am half-German (PA Dutch to be specific) and I don’t make, well, any German meals. I’ll have to try this as I’ve been on a meatball kick lately.And canned mushrooms are vile. I’m convinced that they have turned entire generations of people against mushrooms as a whole, and that only makes them even more vile.

  85. Thank you for sharing your story. Things come up. Just got to focus on the solution. You are right when you said that we are only human and this picture of “Perfection” is blurred when we face trials- what’s important is how to deal with them.

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