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  1. Back in school, I’m doing so much learning.

  2. I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowledgeable?

  3. The problem with overly-workshopped, overly-polished queries is that they are too „perfect,” they seem cookie-cutter and a little ho-hum. Like an Ikea desk, it is functional and even sleek but little else. What you really want is an antique rolltop desk with all those nifty cubbies and real wood drawers and who cares if it has a few nicks and dings? Adds character!

  4. Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

  5. They aren’t gong to bring anyone back!! Thank you be stupid. This has happened before. My guess is they will pull the bottom thre (HeeJun, Shanna and DeAndre) and they we reveal the person with the least # of vote, but that person will NOT be sent home because they have a to run so many weeks. That is how it’s always been done.GO COLTON!!!!

  6. It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

  7. i recently moved to Madison from a larger city. It has a really interesting vibe, and I think your read on the maximizer mindset vs. rural mindset is right on. Thanks for the good work

  8. I liked the use of humor, it helped create character in the narrator..despite the heartbreak, he (and I assumed it WAS a he) was able to maintain his hip distance and ironic aura. ( liked the line “Some find us at the Guns and Ammo shop”). The story completely creates a young man in the throes of pop culture trying to understand life. Sounds like a piece in Open Salon….thanks for posting this!

  9. Can you email me the spreadsheet you put together for the half marathon training? That sounds great. And I’d love to see what you were able to put together for a triathlon. That would really be a cool program.

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  12. It’s hard to see exactly how nukes will cut car oriented transportation emissions. Also, you list all the political obstacles to other energy solutions and ignore them re nukes. There is probably a political component to way we have not built a new nuke in 40 years and the political problems just got much worse!

  13. Så flotte bilder igjen Marit, å så mye deilig mat, får vann i munnen, tror jeg får finne meg en brødskive, å få meg litt søvn, er nettopp kommet hjem fra første ferie, og fikk ikke sove, der fooor er jeg heg, og her ble jeg ihelsulten.

  14. I’ve been using a home remedy for toenail fungus…?I was told listerine works great so I have been trying it. Sometimes it turns my nails whitish and sticky though. Anyone know why this may be?The fungus isn’t too bad, but I’ve tried everything to get rid of it so that’s why I went to this. Any advice?

  15. Però sarebbe anche ora di prendere un po' di coraggio, e fare uno sforzo per cercare di abbandonare i formati proprietari. MS li ha imposti per anni per consolidare il suo deleterio lock-in, e ci è riuscita alla grande…SalutiVITRIOL

  16. Ganz nebenbei: Der amerikanische Botschafter zeigt, wie man authentisch bleibt. Er lässt verlauten, dass er sich nicht entschuldigen wird. Der “eine oder andere” deutsche Politiker hätte hier wieder behauptet, dass er falsch zitiert worden wäre. So was finde ich immer besonders schlimm.

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  19. Android isn't inherently any less secure than iOS, but the open nature of Google's app store and operating system makes it a LOT easier to get people to install Malware. It seems reasonable that Google is trying to address that.

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  27. ca fait très pompé sur « the big bang theory » ou une jolie blonde rencontre une bande de geeks !bonne continuation en tout cas !

  28. Andreas, passt schon. Ich genieße die freie Wahl, wann ich meine Mails abrufe und beantworte (viel zu oft…). Und ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich die Rufnummernübermittlung so praktisch finden könnte.

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  31. It was a little weird to stop at my daughter’s school (Seminole Heights Elementary) and a have a police officer at the entrance. We had a robocall yesterday from the Hillsborough school superintendent about increased police presence this week, especially around elementary schools. I do think that it’s good to get police at the school zones to get crazy drivers to slow down. I see a fair amount that are running red lights too. A red light camera at the corner of Central and Hanna would be awesome.

  32. I can relate to so much of what you have written. There is nothing like a good cry though to release the pain and make it good again. I think crying is a blessing! This is my first lengthy visit to your blog and I like much of what you have written, but I think this post is my favourite. Human!Joh’s last blog post..

  33. I love reading comments from people who have the same take on the whole food thing as me (excuse the pun…) I am in London, England, and I find so few people who know anything about (or care about) real food. I am going to the WAPF Wise Traditions conference in March though so hoping to meet some like-minded people there. Let’s keep spreading the word on butter!

  34. I used to play school and pretend I am a teacher …now I don't need to pretend 🙂 Kim, I love your blue and white table setting as you incorporate all that I love: the color combination, the gorgeous transfeware plates, the vintage grain sack runner, the silver … Perfect!

  35. “Maurizio Micheli e’ Santiago e non parla con nessuno. Vargas, invece, è concentrato e non intende rilasciare dichiarazioni. Domenica l’Universidad Catolica è impegnato per la semifinale del Torneo di Clausura”. Queste le ultime indiscrezioni raccolte dai colleghi del periodico la Segunda

  36. You look beautiful! Life is very personal: so thank you for sharing it with us! I will keep my fingers crossed on a pumpkin baby for you!! How exciting. You are going to make a wonderful mother I am sure of it!! My guess is a little girl!

  37. Hmmm, I had seen the fair trade labels but didn't know what it meant. Now I have a better idea. You are an educator!!! Add that to the long list of what you do.

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  45. A inspiração deve ter nascido com a notícia "OMO" do ano: não é a rede do Presidente que está desprotegida, é a do governo. Tem razão o Pinto a Costa: o negócio de um jornal é vender o papel.

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  50. Carolyn, I have never met you but I wish to tell you how much I respect you for making this very hard decision. You are the kind of breeder I look up to. God Bless you for your honesty and integrity.

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  56. I grew up playing the Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega Dreamcast so I just can’t take Blessed By A Broken Heart or Theocracy seriously since all the music in those games was similar. Also kind of reminds me of anime too…just the connotations. Hahaha! Theocracy is an incredible group of musicians though I will say.

  57. PJ, I have a hard time with lyrics too. I end up thinking about the words, what they mean, and, then, I get no writing done. I listen to a good many instrumentals. Sometimes, though, I like to write in silence. I use the music more when I’m in a noisy environment. Somehow, I can work to my own noise but can’t work to other peoples’ noise.

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  61. You poor, poor soul. At least you have friends that could help you. Hopefully you had plenty of alcohol to help you cope too! Good luck.. sounds like a monster of a house to have to do that too.

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  64. I adored these! Like you, I read them ages ago (when I was a teenager – ah youth), and giggled endlessly over pompous Amelia. I even considered naming my cat Bastet.

  65. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

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  69. Très beau billet, en effet.Très sensible aux voix en général, très sensible aux voix d’acteurs. (notamment à celle de Jean-Louis Trintignant…)Il y a aussi la voix légèrement voilée et essouflée de Delphine Seyrig dans « Baisers volés » (?) de Truffaut (car elle vient monter de longs escaliers) quand elle s’adresse à Antoine Doisnel, herberlué d’une visite si miraculeuse, pudique, intimidé, caché sous ses draps …

  70. Hi Anton, So funny thing, this is my first time visiting your blog I saw your title of your post and I was like no way. Is he running in the same neck of the woods as me. Turns out different states. Mine California, yours CO. Still lovely!

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  76. Actually, if your issue with SUVs is that people buy them for the image and never use them for their intended purposes, then SPORTBIKES are the SUVs of the motorcycle world.

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  100. Actually, a lot of what we eat is available only here, or in specialty stores in America. I’m talking about the basic ingredients – so not sure how you could cook it there. Other stuff, I am familiar with the general idea of how to make it – but would never make it at home. Too much work I guess maybe you need to come visit Israel!

  101. Bo.Mario, prima ci dica cosa legge, e poi si vedrà se sia il caso di dire qualcosa sul Concilio di Nicea. Anche se, io già le dissi qualcosa, ma Lei, come al solito, prevenuto, non mi ha dato ascolto.

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